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Machine Learning

For sports effectiveness analysis

Score players, tactics and strategy in accurate digits
computer results
human results

K&K Sports Automation does machine analysis of individual strengths and activities, team tactics and cooperation, overall game strategy, performance and effectiveness. We use video analytics, personal tracking, IoT devices and history data for precise scoring of each player contribution, evaluation of coaches and management decisions and adjustment of entire team strategy.

About The Solution

When sport became a huge business, you cannot trust human opinions anymore. In replacement of expert resolutions, we offer fully automated solution based on deep machine learning. Using video footage from trainings and matches we analyze players and team behaviors, score individuals and range teams. It lets owners, investors and stakeholders do accurate and knowledge-based scouting, management and selection.

Besides of video analysis we keep, handle and process all amount of data regarding health, genetics, discipline and behaviors based on sensors and pre-gathered data. The overall amount of information makes decisions well formed and driven by digits, not emotions.

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  • Alexey Kovsh
  • Konstantin Khait
  • Leonard Sheiba
Our Products
Full stack hardware, software and cloud solutions

  • K&K Wide View Sports Camera
  • KS2 Sports GPS Tracker
  • Video Analytics Cloud
  • Personal Tracking App and Service
  • Wide Angle Sports Camera
    Captures entire game field using single view point (180 degrees view)
    Sports GPS Tracker
    Does real time gathering of each player information while game or training
    Data Gathering Service
    Keeps, processes and represents all data gathered for a team or player ever
    Video Analytics
    Processes video data and extracts core information about activities and movements
    Artifical Intelligence
    Does information post-processing, perform analysis and provides recommendations

    Our News

    To change the World of sports business we work every day, all time, non-stop
    Oct 06, 2019

    KS2 Engineering Corp. created soccer-specific GPS & Bluetooth low energy tracker capturing individual player parameters in a real time. It is a lowest cost and lowest weight tracker in the class.

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